A Look at Scientology's Secret Base

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The Twin Peaks base houses a vault full of Scientology's precious scripture. It's also a place to hide if WWIII breaks out. And it's a place where celebrities can come and escape. But judging by all the high fences and UltraBarrier, it's also a prison camp. Protesters AnonOrange and the Angry Gay Pope pay them a visit, seeking missing cultists Shelly Miscavige and Heber Jentz. Instead, they meet cultists Sarah Bellin and Arthur Bolstad in this lonely outpost surrounded by security fences and motion detectors.

Days after this video was shot the cult tore up the fence area, bought dozens and dozens of trees, and filled the parking lot with dirt. They want to make sure nobody ever sees inside that fence again! Now, did they have a permit to do that?

I am not endorsing their money-raising campaign, but you can view more information here.

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You go Angry Gay Pope! I've been fascinated with this cult ever since I discovered alt.religion.scientology back in the late 90s. Back then, most people still knew next to nothing about Scientology and couldn't believe it when told about their criminal underbelly. It's heartening to see that the work of three different generations of critics finally has them soaking in entheta and in full retreat around the world. I believe that the best way to dissuade the unaware is not to keep them away from Hubbard's "tech", but to expose them to it in all it's batshit glory . . .


By Pareidolius (not verified) on 23 May 2010 #permalink

It might prove helpful to call this a "cult compound" as opposed to a secret base. Secret base sounds kind of neat and even official while the other is just scary. Anyway, it really isn't very secret now is it?

If you view a Google Earth map of the area with their "Real Time Earthquakes" overlay you might agree that it is not a good place to keep a very large LP gas storage facility nearby. There's quite recent activity thereabouts, like this month. Apparently there are a lot of faults associated with this place regardless of how you look at it. Feng shui would say a dragon lives here.

By Lloyd Hargrove (not verified) on 25 May 2010 #permalink