Summer Photo Contest Winner!!


The winner of our Summer Photo Contest is "Dip in the Pool" (above) submitted by Amanda Byrnes. The photo was taken this summer in Massachusetts. This particular photo was chosen because it exemplifies how frogs, which are ectotherms, can cool off in the heat of the summer. Congratulations Amanda! As the winner, she will receive a fabulous "What's new in comparative physiology" t-shirt from The American Physiological Society!

Honorable Mentions:
There were so many excellent entries that choosing a winner was a very difficult decision. Therefore I would like to share the top choices from our submission pile. Here is how other animals are staying cool this summer.

Some cool off by panting:

This cute photo of "Bubblez" was submitted by Avery Wedder. This photo was taken on Lake Michigan in West Olive, Michigan.

Some cool off by swimming in the ocean and lying on the beach:

Marine iguanas.jpg
This wonderful photo called "Marine Iguanas Cooling Off" was submitted by Dr. Barbara Goodman, a physiologist in the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota. The photo was taken by Dr. Goodman on the Galapagos Islands.

Some simply cope by staying well hydrated and dipping their feet in cool water:

This photo of "Hope and Dreamer Playing in the Pool" was submitted by Tamara Steele.

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