Fun With Pie Charts

Via Sandra over at OmniBrain, I learned about We Have Pie Charts, where just about everything you would never describe with a pie chart is described with a pie chart. Here are two of my favorites:

A Day In the Life of Goldfish:


God's Recipe:


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We've all heard that goldfish only have a three second memory and thus it's ok to eat them, live, while your'e inebriated and in Pittsburgh. Well, a 15-year old student in Southern Australia has turned that assumption on its head by proving goldfish have much more powerful memories than previously…
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It IS funny, but I have to point out that goldfish do NOT have a 3 second memory span. That's a myth concocted by people to justify keeping them in goldfish bowls.

" IT IS time for the scales to fall from our eyes: scientists have claimed not only that goldfish have a memory span of up to three months, but that they can also tell the time.

The fish, previously believed to have a memory of just a few seconds, can distinguish between different times of day and can also be taught to follow a routine, according to research. "