Society for Philosohpy and Psychology Conference

I was asked to post this. Judging by the list of presenters and the topics, it sounds like an interesting conference.

Announcing the 34th annual meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology
June 26-29, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Registration is now open; deadline Thursday, June 5 -- 12:00pm EST
Note that early registration is suggested, as the reserved hotel block is likely to fill quickly.

The 2008 conference will feature presentations by:

George Ainslie, Michael L. Anderson, Louise Antony
Peter Carruthers, Louis Charland, Anjan Chatterjee
David Danks, Felipe De Brigard, Michael Devitt
Marthah Farah, Evelina Fedorenko, Owen Flanagan,
Jerry Fodor, Kenneth R. Foster, Lila R. Gleitman (President of SPP)
George Graham, Bryce Huebner, Bertram F. Malle,
Barbara Malt, Christopher Meacham, Dominic P. Murphy
Thomas Nadelhoffer, Kenneth Norman, Mike Oaksford
Erik Parens, Nancy Petry, Jeffrey Poland
Zenon Pylyshyn, Sarah Robins, Paul Rozin,
Laurie R. Santos (the 2008 Stanton Prize winner)
Michael Strevens, Justin Sytsma, Kelly Trogdon
Charles Wallis, Deena Weisberg, Daniel Weiskopf
Fei Xu, Carlos Zednik. . . among many others

On topics including:

-Addiction and Responsibility
-Concepts and Categorization
-Bayesian Inference and Rationality
-Foundational Issues in the Philosophy of Cognitive Science
-Language & Mental Representation
-Moral Psychology
-Theory of Mind

Note that this year the conference will be preceded June 25-26 by a workshop on experimental philosophy

More information on both the 2008 SPP conference and the Experimental Philosophy Workshop can be found on the website

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Interesting. I think this would be useful as far too many doing the science tend to be ignorant of the philosophy and make naive mistakes or false dichotomies. I'm very much in favor of getting scientists of most disciplines to become more aware of the philosophy related to the projects they are doing. (Lee Smolin had a great article arguing for this in physics)

Clark, while interest in philosophy is probably not the modal view in cognitive psychology, it's still pretty common. The journal Philosophical Psychology is pretty popular, at least among the cognitive psychologists I run into (I've published there, as have several of my colleagues), and several of us work actively with philosophers.

But yeah, it'd be nice if there was more interaction and more cross-talk.

The SPP is one of the best conferences for the sort of interaction Chris refers to. This year's main program looks great. Also, check out the workshop on experimental philosophy I organized for Wed and Thurs morning (see link in post). It should be fun.

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