More Ice Abstracts

Yesterday afternoon, perhaps tired of keeping up with the subzero temps, our furnace up and quit. We were able to keep the house somewhat above freezing until the repair guy installed the replacement bits this morning.  We're all fixed now. But the outage wasn't without a bright side: the ice crystals on the windows grew especially wild:

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No computer fractal has ever looked so mesmerizing. Utterly astonishing details, Alex, and truly beautiful images! I'd say "Wow!" if it didn't seem so pedestrian against these photos.

Sure those aren't just ostrich plumes?

Speaking of ice, it finally made it all the way into the mid 20s F here today, so I went outside to take some pics of ice flowing on the river. Got a few, but as a bonus, an armadillo who must be really hungry after sleeping through the recent (I don't know how many) much colder days was up and about, poking at the still frozen ground. Populations of this tropical and subtropical critter have increased dramatically in the St. Louis area over the last 10-15 years of milder winters.

We heading to 40c plus today.

By Jack Jumper (not verified) on 08 Jan 2010 #permalink