Catching Up

Boy, diving all day every day sure makes you miss a bunch of stuff on the internets. Here's a quickie catching up of things I should have told you about already:

Jason tagged me in a meme because I have some kind of substance*. It would be breaking web etiquette not to follow suit. So here's the deal: I have to sum my "blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words." So here I go:

The world could feel the way I do about science.

Oh, and TAG to... let's see... Allie, Scicurious, Travis... and some more people. When I have more time to think. I've got some transit days coming up - I'll add more to the list then.

Next order of business. I won something. Which frickin' kicks butt. I'm totally honored!

Oh, and have you checked out Scientopia? It's the new home of Sci and a whole bunch of sci bloggers of note. If you haven't, go now. Seriously.

Ok. That catches me up a little. More to come - one more day out here at Kure and then I get a breather as we head back to French Frigate Shoals for some more hard labor.

Oh, which reminds me. Here's a few photos from the days at Midway:

Yeah, it's pretty.


And the locals are friendly.


Very friendly.


*I plead the fifth on what kind of substance.

More like this ten word summary is as informative as a Science or Nature paper. Ouch. So Byte Size Biology tagged me with the "Blog of Substance" meme, originally developed by Bora. I usually don't participate in internet meme-ey things because I'm just too persnicketty to write about what other people…
As captured in SprogCast #7, the Free-Ride offspring consider Mike Dunford's Earth Day resolutions meme. We discover that a kid's sense of scale is kind of different from a grown-up's. You can grab the mp3 here. The approximate transcript of the conversation follows. Dr. Free-Ride: I think I told…
Thanks to Mike the Mad Biologist for tagging me with this meme. Like Mike, I'm not much of a memer, but this one looks interesting (and simple) enough to give a try. The idea is to "Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words" and then to tag 10 further blogs. So…
Apparently, Mike the Mad Biologist thinks that I have a blog of substance. Or something like that. This appears to be a meme that Bora started, with two rules: 1. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words. 2. Tag 10 other blogs to perpetuate the meme. (Only ten…

They're Galapagos sharks (Carcharhinus galapagensis). Wikipedia's comment about them is hilarious: "Inquisitive and persistent, the Galapagos shark is regarded as dangerous to humans and diving unprotected is not advisable in areas where they are abundant."

Yeah. Oops.

I found my way here via your award. Not for "something", you should let people know you won the "Post with the most"! And I agree, your post "Reflections on the Gulf Oil Spill - Conversations With My Grandpa" is great!

According to the same wikipedia article one person has been recorded killed by this shark *ever*. I think I'd take my chances too if I was in the neighborhood.