Catching Up

Boy, diving all day every day sure makes you miss a bunch of stuff on the internets. Here's a quickie catching up of things I should have told you about already:

Jason tagged me in a meme because I have some kind of substance*. It would be breaking web etiquette not to follow suit. So here's the deal: I have to sum my "blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words." So here I go:

The world could feel the way I do about science.

Oh, and TAG to... let's see... Allie, Scicurious, Travis... and some more people. When I have more time to think. I've got some transit days coming up - I'll add more to the list then.

Next order of business. I won something. Which frickin' kicks butt. I'm totally honored!

Oh, and have you checked out Scientopia? It's the new home of Sci and a whole bunch of sci bloggers of note. If you haven't, go now. Seriously.

Ok. That catches me up a little. More to come - one more day out here at Kure and then I get a breather as we head back to French Frigate Shoals for some more hard labor.

Oh, which reminds me. Here's a few photos from the days at Midway:

Yeah, it's pretty.


And the locals are friendly.


Very friendly.


*I plead the fifth on what kind of substance.

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They're Galapagos sharks (Carcharhinus galapagensis). Wikipedia's comment about them is hilarious: "Inquisitive and persistent, the Galapagos shark is regarded as dangerous to humans and diving unprotected is not advisable in areas where they are abundant."

Yeah. Oops.

I found my way here via your award. Not for "something", you should let people know you won the "Post with the most"! And I agree, your post "Reflections on the Gulf Oil Spill - Conversations With My Grandpa" is great!

According to the same wikipedia article one person has been recorded killed by this shark *ever*. I think I'd take my chances too if I was in the neighborhood.