'Tis the Season

It was a long and irritating week, for reasons that I can't discuss on the blog, and just when it finally looked like there might be some motion in a positive direction, I got a call from day care saying that SteelyKid had a fever and needed to be picked up immediately. But, on the bright side, it was a nice day today, and SteelyKid rallied long enough to help pick out and decorate a Christmas tree:

Chateau Steelypips Christmas Tree 2012

So, there's your happy thought for the weekend. The Pip is sort of puzzled as to why there's suddenly an evergreen in the library, and he's not too keen on the baby gate we put around it to keep him from trying to eat the ornaments. But it's all Christmas-y in here, now, and I've switched iTunes to shuffling the "Christmas Songs that Don't Suck" playlist, and SteelyKid's asleep upstairs, so it could be a whole lot worse.

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