Where Will You See Jesus Next? In A Beer?

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This looks suspiciously like the pint of Sam Adams I had in the sleezy Detroit Airport lounge (waiting for my plane, delayed 2.5 hours.) But in fact, its a advertising campaign used by a British church!

"The message is subtle but simple -- where is God in all the boozing at Christmas?" said Goodwin, whose group is made up of Christians of all denominations working the British media and advertising.

"For many, Christmas is just drinking and partying and God is excluded, yet many young people are interested in finding deeper meaning and exploring faith."

The poster is a nod to the occasional discoveries of holy images in everyday objects, from the face of Jesus in a frying pan, toast or fish finger, his mother Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich and even Mother Teresa in a sticky bun.

I think this is a great way to get young people interested........................in beer. Oh, wait. Do we need an advertising campaign for that???

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Beats looking for christ in a beer!

Well the Man did turn water into wine at the insistence of his pushy mother.

From that time forward he began His ministry and was known as the man who brought the booze.

So, while he might not endorse any particular product such as Samuel Adam etc.at a sleazy Detroit airport dive. I'm sure he'd enjoy a cold beer now and then.

Anyway here is the relevant scripture -

Now it was that Joshua's daughter was to be wed at Cana in Galilee. Mary was there, and Jesus was called down to bless them. The merriment was great. They ran out of wine. Mary said to Jesus, "How sad it is that they have not eouugh wine!" Jesus answered her, "Woman, what am I to do with you? My hour is not yet come."

Mary told the servants to do whatever He told them to. Jesus had them bring six water pots. He blessed them and had them filled with water up to the brim. When it was done He said, "Draw out, now, and take to the governor of the feast, that he might approve." They did so. When the governor of the feast tasted what he had been given, he called the bridegroom over. "What is this you have done?" he asked, "By tradition the best wine should be served first, while the people are not too drunk to enjoy it. But this is the finest I have ever tasted. Why have you saved the best for last?" The people were in awe at this thing that Jesus had done.