We Do Have a Bit of a Situation......


Hat tip Ben!

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Coming off of Ben's recent hat tip to the paper published at PLoS ("The Progressive Increase of Food Waste in America and Its Environmental Impact"), I was reminded of some great artwork by Marc Trujillo. I first heard of this artist by reading a nice profile of his work at a newish online…
Not to be catty, but what the hell is up with that hat? Did Britney Spears skin Santa and send him to a furrier? Hat-tip: WWTDD.

I love xkcd.
In fact, several of Randall's posts have inspired ideas of my own.

And that is why the people that say we should just ignore ID are wrong. It needs to be stomped into the ground until it is dead, then stomped some more, then its followers publicly ridiculed, and then its followers should be forced to wear electric pink, LED flashing belts that say "I'm an idiot!" for a decade. Seriously, though, this is one of those things that people don't need to be just convinced that they are wrong, they should be downright embarassed to have ever held that position.

Thanks Shelley...

and for anyone into webcomics, I have to recommend 1/0.

and I really need an image of the Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin is paralyzed by the ability to see multiple sides of a debate. He becomes frozen in a Cubist world. It was in Scientific Progress goes Boink!

Bill Watterson is a genius. And from Ohio.