Go Play Name That Panda Cub

More on bears today: go vote for the name of the newest member of the Atlanta Zoo, a panda cub.


I wonder if its part of China's policy that all the baby pandas have to be named Chinese names. Cause I haven't ever heard of a panda named Fred or Joe.

And speaking of China, I'm spending Xmas there with my family! (And my bday, which is the 21st....)

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'Turnix, don't cry, but Dr. Steve Steve isn't a *real* panda. :D

And I'll try to refrain from biting any while I'm in China, although they do look delectable......

Long ago in school I was taught that the panda is not a real bear. Looking up some references, I find differing answers. So, is the panda a real bear or not?

Also, why is it classed in "carnivora" when it seems not to be a meat eater?

When I visited the panda exhibit at the National Zoo in DC last year, I asked that question to one of the handlers. Apparently a long time ago they thought it might be a marsupial or part of the raccoon family, but that was due to the lack of research done on pandas. Recently, after examining the genetic data of one of the many captive pandas now, they determined that pandas are real bears. The so-called 'red pandas' which also live in Asia *are* related to racoons are not related to the Giant Panda at all. Pandas are omnivores, they eat mostly bamboo but some meat too. Just ask the drunk guy who got bit. :)

Turnix, don't cry, but Dr. Steve Steve isn't a *real* panda. :D


By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 17 Nov 2006 #permalink

i'm assuming me suggesting 'dinner' as a name might not go down too well... still a little cub, maybe 'lunch' is a better suggestion.

Also, why is it classed in "carnivora" when it seems not to be a meat eater?

They have the digestive system of carnivores. They just prefer a vegetarian diet.