Toronto New Years and a Sad Rose Bowl

So, I've been in the North Country for the weekend, and have mixed feelings about Toronto. On the one hand, its the metropolitan city that Detroit could only dream of being (I live in Ann Arbor, MI). Cool underground mall, pretty decent public transport, fun and safe nightlife. On the other, getting a cab or decent service in any bar or restaurant is quite a challenge. Me and a few friends went to a nightclub called Fluid for the countdown to party, and while it was a pretty ok club, I almost lost it at the plethora of Canadian thug wannabes. Hello, I'm more likely to be packing a piece than they were. Then when we left the club at 3:30, my feet (which were encased in devastatingly sexy torture devices) were experiencing exquisite levels of pain. Nevertheless, we had to tromp through the nightclub district looking for a cab, ANY cab, to take us home. Sadly, everyone in Toronto had the same plan and no one could get a cab. After an hour and a half of looking, I finally just bribed some guy 40 bucks to take us the 2 miles home. Oh well, its just Canadian money. :P


Bruce, Jen, Me, and a goofy dude that was hanging around.

Last night we wanted sushi, and as Toronto is famous for great sushi, we went to a place nearby the hotel called Sushi D which had gotten good reviews online. Awesome sushi, some of the WORST service ever! But I give them a pass, as they were slammed. And then had to come back to the hotel to watch that sad pathetic Rose Bowl. Needless to say, raw fish and crappy football doesn't give you warm fuzzies. Heading back to Ann Arbor this morning, hung over but going into lab anyway....the fitting end to the weekend. Oh, first, gotta stop by duty-free! :)


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awww, Shelley looks so gosh darn cute!

Yes, Shelly looks cute, and she's smart, BUT she needs to go and kick some maize and blue butt, starting with "Mr. Sainted Conservative Play Calling Lloyd Carr"{.

And how does future TO wannanbe Trojan receiver get by a DB and a safety???!! Maybe Big Blue should have paid more attention when the Buckeye's kicked their butts, rather than moaning about how they got jobbed by the BCS!

Sorry about the rant, but MI played like Bill Buckingham on the Dover stand. They looked as pathetic as a Casey Luskin screed. They looked as lifelike as Sadam Hussein. etc.

Other than that, Happy New Year!

How could you not like USC? Their team is named after a brand of condoms.

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 02 Jan 2007 #permalink

Thanks for the ride offer, Larry, believe me I woulda taken you up on it! :) And yes, maize and blue butt should (and was) kicked. <>

Yeah...I always snicker during USC games...

"The Trojans penetrated the opposition defense deeply on that play"

hehehhe...they sure did...heheheheh...trojans...hehehehe