I Need An Epitaph for These Lab Ducks

Lab ducks. What the heck are these two mallard ducks doing outside the entrance to my lab building? Every single day (since it got warm) they sit happily by the door, soft quacking at everyone who walks in and out, like benign and protective duck-buddhas. Why they are there, well, I have no idea. There's no water or ponds around medical campus. But I look forward to seeing them everyday (and sometimes sneak them a peice of bagel. Happy quacking ensues.)


There's a male and a female mallard duck, and the female has begun to build a nest. Right outside the door. This reminded me of the female duck "Quacks Reform" which, in 2005, laid some eggs in front of the Treasury Department in Washington, DC. The nest was guarded by Secret Service until Quacks Reform hatched her brood and waddled into the sunset.

While their won't be any glamorous guards for MY ducks, that doesn't mean that she can't have a clever and (hopefully) nerdtastic nom du nest. Can anyone help me think up a name? All I got so far is "Quacks Polymerase" and "Beak Expression."


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Ducks Redux?

Quacks By the Quad?

Mallards Of The Caribbean - At Nests End?

Be down wit da Dux?


Hey... I could keep this up all day - and remember, you asked for it!

Actually, I liked Retroquacktacle best... :)

You're having trouble finding names for a couple of old quacks?

Gee, in my day we wouldn't have shown that level of respect for the faculty...

Of course in those bathroom wall as proto-blog days they wouldn't have been able to prove who gave the ducks those names...


They're not dead yet!

They're feeling much better!

By Charlie (Colorado) (not verified) on 25 May 2007 #permalink

rosalind beaklin and francis quack

When I went to lab today, there was a huge sign that said "DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS!" And no sign of the ducks yesterday or today.


I wonder if someone didn't like them by the door and chased them off?

Don't violate the ducks' rights: freedom of nest! Help, help, they're being repressed!

I think your bit of bagel and the new sign are indicative of why those ducks are not hanging out where the water is. A lake has nothing on Brueggers.

Hello! this is an interesting occurance. Do you think i could use your duck photo for a powerpoint presentation of mine? It would be cited, and on the screen for approx. 30 seconds