Why Doesn't ScienceBlogs Have a Wikipedia Entry?

I was just bumming aroung Wikipedia and I noticed that while PZ Myers and Pharyngula have entries, no one has yet made an entry for the entity/project that is ScienceBlogs. Someone should get on that!


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Uh, Shelley, you could write one. I'll even help you post it if you write it.

By Charlie (Colorado) (not verified) on 01 Jun 2007 #permalink

Think of it as collaborative blogging. Add some info and don't worry too much about style and formatting. The most important thing is getting the info up there.

Before posting a separate entry for ScienceBlogs.com, I think it might be worth considering writing a section under Seed Magazine. I'm not too clear on ScienceBlogs' overall notability, though Seed in and of itself is just because of the severe weirdness of its initial incarnation (i.e. a science magazine laid out like a fashion rag).

Not to mention Articles for Deletion is pretty ruthless, especially when someone's pet entry is up for deletion and someone decides to bus in dozens of interested parties who know little or nothing of the Wikipedia process.

Actually, SEED has an entry, and its pretty sweet in fact:

Thats just for the magazine though, and ScienceBlogs is actually under a larger umbrella, SEED Media group. Doing this wiki would be fun but sounds like a large undertaking. I'd be pretty mad if it was all deleted the next day. Maybe I should consult the overlords.

No you can't write an entry Shelley. As I remember it Wikipedia takes it as bad practise for someone intimately involved with a something ie producing content, to edit entries. For example people shouldn't edit their own biographies, nor should their staff. Someone else can put an entry up based upon what what you tell them though.