Bake Me A Geeky Cake....

Occassionally, and by this I mean very, very rarely, geeks find significant others and get married (in the real world, not Second Life!). When such an noteworthy event happens, blissful geeks have been known to go all out on their wedding cakes, creating frosted confections of such phenomenal nerditude that I had no choice but to reproduce a few here for your gawking pleasure.

i-d91989b017fff3e29b7d33063fc47c75-geek cake 1.jpg

i-d8d3c8529b8607fd43a7ac251617bde9-geek cake 2.jpg

In addition to the link above (check it out for more cool cakes), I had to do a bit of my own investigating and find some more nerdcakes.

(Continued below the fold....)

Its-a meeeeeeee........

i-313b921f3ec29bf54cb7de6e64972b27-mario cake.bmp

A circuit-board cake:

i-8b6482f4512acaae6a3d58e0c8bf291b-circuit board cake.jpg

All your base are belong to cake:

i-2a015911ab6a70066e82fd8170265951-all my base cake.bmp

There's a lot of nintendo-themed cakes out there, but this one is Martha-approved.

i-d7f981e0f7037e8646d659aecf7cb29c-wii cake.jpg

i-9875b3475d6e9e7e6df5aec8d4db5892-packman cake.bmp

I hear Churck Norris' tears cure cancer...


i-d6d3289d539e263270f65d015b917fcb-futurama cake.bmp

Wow, an iPhone cake. Now thats REALLY nerdy.



i-fea1979836a1800ef36b0627bca59d69-beaker cake.jpg


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The top thing is a Gamecube.

the gold game cube only came out in japan

I made this cake for my husband for his 28th birthday. I tried to make it look like an old apple, and I made a space invaders screen 'cause that was his favorite game. It was one of the hardest icing colors to make, it was also one of the most delicious cakes I have ever made.

We had a potluck and poster session for our Electron Microscopy final. I brought a sheet cake decorated as a black-and-white EM negative. (OK, it was still in the pyrex cake pan and I frosted it while people were eating, but considering I had to finish my poster too...)

turtlez rock

ha ha ha i likle the wii remote one!!!

By hahahahaha (not verified) on 28 Jun 2010 #permalink

i love mario

i want 2 learn how 2 bake

By obajimi motunrayo (not verified) on 15 Feb 2011 #permalink

I like cake.

Unfortunately, I'm not geeky enough to know what that gold thing is on top of the first cake. Help me?

The gold thing is definitely a Gamecube. I think that the gold one was a special release in Japan, but it might have been released here too.

I think making a cake with the most important plot/concept of your thesis for your PhD defense might be fun.

I can no longer decypher ASCII byte codes from memory, but I looked 'em up, and the "cake" byte array decodes to "red roses". FYI.

The gold thing is definitely a Gamecube. I think that the gold one was a special release in Japan

Wow. That just adds a whole new level of nerd to it!

It wasn't a cake, and I sadly don't have any pictures (at least none that I can find), but when I was in graduate school it was a tradition that your lab provided refreshments after you gave a departmental seminar. For one of my colleagues' seminar we bought a set of alphabet cookie-cutters and made a bunch of As, Cs. Gs, and Us so that we could lay out the sequence (and secondary structure) of a small RNA molecule she had sequenced.

Guy: Thats awesome!! Your story as well as these cakes make me want to bake a huge hair cell or a cochlea cake for my defense. Nerd cakes rule.

Nate MC: Good catch. I guess Martha's minions shoulda been paying better attention.

Mmmm... nerds

Um, are those plastic homogenizing pestles featured in the last cake (the black plastic things coming out of the flask)???

Cause if so, thats the best use of non-toxic lab equipment utilized in cakes I've ever seen.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos, but my girlfriend's 21st birthday cake was a Petri dish, with glossy blood agar and several 'streaks' and 'colonies' created in different colours. It looked awesome. If I can find a photo I'll come back with a link...

Brilliant. I love that the top one is the wedding cake, not the groom's cake. That adds a whole new nerd level. Love it.

the gold game cube was a zelda-themed limited edition that was released in Japan and is high coveted in the US

Hopefully this works, but you can check out my uber-geeky Magic:The Gathering birthday cake I made for my husband a few years ago. Its an artifact(Summon Cake), the mana cost was 29 (his age), and the text reads: (T) Make a wish, blow out candles. Birthday cake ages you by one year and your wish may be granted.

Hopefully this link works:

Now now how I wish I can find a baker who'll do that for me.

My wife and I made cookies that looked like legume root nodules for a seminar once, but I liked the flow cytometry cake.

My (aerospace engineer) fiance is making a groom's cake in the shape of a Little Joe 2 rocket for our rehearsal dinner on Friday!

He's also making a card box in the shape of a mouse (for me, a neurobiologist in a mouse lab) for the reception itself.

Very impressive. And while its IS a rarity for nerds to meet and marry, some of us do find our geeky soulmates. My husband and I skipped the geeky cake....

he was too busy building the custom royal blue lightsabers (combat capable and able to take a 32 bullet without breaking) as groom's gifts. I may well be the only bride in the world who got left at the side of the dancefloor so her new husband could go 4 rounds with assorted stormtrooper wannabe's!

Great, really great... Mario's Cake doesnt even look like a cake, it looks like some tematic plastic made promotinal thing from Mario's world! ehehhe

Great cakes,

now I am hungry, bye.

By Marcello Moraes (not verified) on 11 Sep 2007 #permalink


By joão victor br (not verified) on 14 Sep 2007 #permalink

We make funny cakes for our friends' birthdays at work. Some of them are nerdy (Munchkin cards), some are gross (one that looked like cat litter in a litter tray), and some are just freaking sweet! This Katamari cake was made for a friend who is obsessed with the game! We couldn't find a figurine, so I molded one out of clay. Besides the figurine and a pirate added to the top of the ball, the rest of the cake was edible, including all the candy and the giant ball of rolled up goodness.

In my Food Tech class, last year at school, I made a pink iPod cake ^^

To persuade my daddio to get me an iPod for Christmas. lol. These cakes are awesome!

lolsies =]

well. i can certainly say that my brother made a dungeons and dragons borad game cake for my sweet 16th. i didnt want to eat it but in the end i gave up trying to put it in cryogenic stasis and decided to eat it. but it tasted really nice. but i kept the little figures off the top.

my party was a game theme. i decided to go as zelda. she rocks. my boyfriend adam, went as link.

By queen-of-the-dorks (not verified) on 07 Feb 2008 #permalink