Rings of Phenomenal Nertitude

Some say nothing quite says "I love you" like a diamond ring, but *I* say nothing quite says "I'm a huge geek" like these rings.

You know, there's so many times I've wished I'd been able to generate random numbers between 1 and 20. Wait! Now I can with this cool D20 ring, *and* look fashionable. Righteous.

i-c5211723c3c367aea5ea1efb9caa5020-d20 ring.jpg

Are you the type that needs to know your Google vanity score at all times, have it updated on a daily basis, and use it as mad digital bling? Then this Google Vanity Ring is for you.
i-26768e2e74d52212e8731463bd0c7455-google vanity ring.jpg

It must be the only ring that come with a docking station.

i-47f229a12ae31180da0ccc315e1a1c36-google ring 2.jpg

i-db96a6c1db1c700519457df1f8b0efe2-google ring 3.jpg

(More geeky rings below the fold...)

These cufflinks and ring are made from Legos, and the ring is even extra bling-ed out with a Swavorski crystal! (By the way these are on sale at my new favorite website, Etsy!)


Never lose your direction in life, with this compass ring.

i-1f868a210e0ddf780f417384c44f09d2-compass ring.bmp

Declare your independence from Microsoft with an Apple Command Key ring. Oh snap.


And I'm not sure what computer these rings are made from...and old Mac?

i-4126ffc82dbec8b853470d7db007e97f-computer key ring.bmp

Always have a bottle-opener on ya with this ring! This might come in handy while I'm in Amsterdam and Belgium next week....


Inscribe a personalized message in binary on these wedding rings, designed and hand carved by artist Gideon Weisz.

i-e05ec90434f33618218492ade7addc0c-binary ring.jpg

Never forget your wedding anniversary again with the Remember Ring- which heats up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 seconds every hour beginning 24 hours before the big day.


This $30 ring actually shoots pepper spray (made by Protect Yourself Direct). Just slide off the safety, aim, and shoot. Just don't accidentally send it through the wash...

i-4157c077b6a539e500f65222fe7ac202-pepper ring.jpg

For more nerdy accoutrements other than rings, check this out.

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Those are keys from an old PC --- an AT or thereabouts. Right about when you were born, sigh.

Did you ever get your 20-sided fuzzy dice?

By Charlie (Colorado) (not verified) on 13 Oct 2007 #permalink

I'm guessing the "unknown" keys are from a USB replacement keyboard meant to work with Macs & PCs. On a PC (and on a Sun) the key on the right would be the INS (insert) key, but on a Mac it's the HELP key. None of the dozen or so computers I'm near has both labels. Hence the guess for a modern USB keyboard.

Personally, I feel the only keyboard worth honoring with jewelry is the engineering masterpiece that is an IBM Model-M.

Time to correct myself. The Apple extended keyboard seen here has the ins/help label. So, my new hypothesis is that the unknown keys are off some really old abd mac keyboard. This is why empirical data is trumps blind faith.

Bah. If the vanity ring was "really" worth it, then it would have wifi, so that it would automatically log into servers as you wander around and update in semi-real time. lol

Now, the binary message one isn't "that" bad an idea, it looks neat, and no one would have a clue what was on it, instead of just odd decoration. Kind of surprised no one used it in some big sci-fi movie yet.

Bit less sure about the, "heat up to remind you of your anniversary" one though.. What if its defecting and heats up to like 200 or something? Yikes!

The rest are just.. Odd.

If the vanity ring was "really" worth it, then it would have wifi, so that it would automatically log into servers as you wander around and update in semi-real time.

Ha! Sounds like your million dollar idea. :)

And no, Charlie, I never get my fuzzy d20s. Kinda broke at the moment though. Maybe one of my friends will get it for me for my bday....

Had to share this: in 1998 I was given a Dallas Security ring. Contains a very small Java machine, implements DES, intended for use as an identity and encryption tool. Nice ring, and another one that uses a dock. For that age, it connected via RS232.


Personally I don't wear rings, but I love earrings and I have a collection of Microsoft/Mac keyboard earrings, as well as lego pieces, little lego men (although they are rather heavy to wear), pac man figures... I've always thought that dice earrings are a bit ordinary - but D20, now that's a different category. I will look round if I can find any :)
The Google Vanity Ring is also great - and I know a few people who'd like one, but apparently it's not for sale. However, the designer has some other pretty weird technology-based pieces of art on his homepage, did you see those?

By Uschi Symmons (not verified) on 13 Oct 2007 #permalink