The End of 'Retrospectacle', the Beginning of 'Of Two Minds'

Retrospectacle has been a wonderful hobby and outlet for my writing for almost three years. I started writing at Blogspot for a few reasons- to critically report science news, to convert the tomes of science to layperson-speak, to attempt to educate and entertain myself as well as my audience (hopefully). I think that it has been a terrific success. As of this posting, which will be my last here, there are 837 entries and 6912 comments which marks at least *some* kind of contribution to the "conversation about science" we're all trying to have here at ScienceBlogs. I sincerely thank all of you for participating in that discussion. It has been the readers here that made it worthwhile and exciting to write here.

But wait, there's more! Tomorrow, Steve Higgins and I are starting a new conversation at our new joint blog Of Two Minds. We launch tomorrow, and hope you will join us there. Content will be up tomorrow 9am Eastern.

All comments will be closed on this blog as of today, although my contact info (tab at top) will be the same and I welcome comments via email. Thanks again for showing up. Best of luck to you all.

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I'm a grad student at James Madison University and I was curious as to where you got your sources for the article you did on ADHD. I'm writing a paper for my neuroscience course and commonly search blogs for interesting viewpoints. Any way I could get those from you?

By Bryant Chase (not verified) on 05 Dec 2010 #permalink

Yeah I also think its really important for scientist to start putting things into 'layperson-speak'. I think science is so interesting but sometimes I think scientists dont realize their terminology can be a little daunting.

Great idea!

Thank you for writing Retrospectacle: I've learned a lot of interesting things reading it, and enjoyed doing so. And good luck with Of Two Minds!

Congratulations! Twice the readership, half the work ... this isn't a bad idea. Maybe I should hold auditions myself ...

(And thanks for the shout out in the interview. I keep meaning to link to it, but can't find a way to do so without saying "LOOK AT ME! SMART PEOPLE LIKE ME!")

I'm going to miss Retrospectacle! I'm still in the habit of reading it just about every day. You certainly have a penchant for clear and engaging writing, and I'm sure your new blog with Steve will be no exception.

Thanks guys! Don't worry about missing Retro, 'Of Two Minds' will be all this and more. I'm defending my thesis in December and freeing up time is really my first priority, but the new combined blog will (I hope) greater than its parts alone. :)