An Interview With the Bleiman Brothers

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After a brief hiatus, Page 3.14 brings back the ScienceBlogger interviews. Now we hear from those clever, if odd, creatures of Zooillogix, Andrew and Benny Bleiman. (In the photo, Benny's on the left.)

What's your name?
Andrew and Benny Bleiman

What do you do when you're not blogging?
Andrew: We both work in software. I run marketing for a search engine company. Benny is in sales, so in his words he "closes deals and crushes beers." In my words, he makes 70 cold calls a day and has a bit of a drinking problem.

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What is your blog called?

What's up with that name?
Benny: Well originally it was ZooillogiXXX, which was getting a lot more traffic. Basically we got the "zoo" from zoology, "illogi" from the illogical nature of many of our stories and the "x" from Kleenex, which makes the softest facial tissues on the market.

How long have you been blogging?
Andrew: If a blog exists but no one reads it, is it really a blog?

Where are you from and where do you live now?
Benny: We were born in the World of Darkness [bat house] at the Bronx Zoo. When Jungle World opened in 1985, we were moved to the gharial exhibit. It was fun to watch the gibbons, but I lost both of my hands to a feisty youngster named Mr. Snappy in 1987. I'm now in San Francisco and Andrew is in Chicago, or as he calls it, the "Ice Prison."

Would you describe yourself as a working scientist?
Andrew: No

Benny: If you consider closing deals and crushing beers a science, then yes, big time.

Any degrees or work experiences you'd like to mention?
Andrew: I have a degree in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. Benny has a degree in English Writing from Georgetown. In 2003, I took a night class in economics at UConn's satellite campus in Stamford, CT. When I was in fourth grade, I took French after school in the Stratfield School library.

Benny: I also earned a master's degree from the streets.

What are your main academic interests, in or out of your field?
Andrew: Zoology; Animal Behavior; Mammology; Marine Biology; Entymology; Veterinary Assistance, TV/VCR Repair, Gunsmithing or you can get your degree: You can major in Business Management or Accounting.

Last book you read?
Benny: The Left Behind Series

Andrew: The Left Behind Series for the second time

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Andrew: Apple picking with my fiancée in Southern Connecticut

Benny: Get me a medium-sized cage, fake mustache and a Filipino visa and I'll show you.

What's your greatest habitual annoyance?
Andrew: National Geographic. How do they beat us to these incredible stories!? I'm convinced they must have people working for them full-time.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Benny: My number one favorite fictional hero is Bill Nye the Science Guy. Number two? Abraham Lincoln.

Andrew: Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe.

Your favorite heroes in real life?
Andrew: The mammalogist and conservationist George Schaller and David Byrne of the Talking Heads.

Benny: My right bicep is named Justice. My left is named Authority. I'm partial to Justice.

What's your most marked characteristic?
Benny: A lightening fast sense of humor used to deflect attention from my fragile ego and non-existent self esteem.

Andrew: I have a mole just like Madonna.

What's your fatal flaw?
Benny: Feeding me after midnight. Don't EVER feed me after midnight.

Andrew: Probably that aforementioned mole.

Who are your favorite writers?
Andrew: LaHaye and Jenkins of course. Also, Helprin, Calvino and Thornton Wilder.

Benny: I'm not sure if Robocop can write, but if he ever does...

What would you like to be?
Andrew: As a card carrying member of ScienceBlogs, you could say I am living the dream.

Benny: The co-host of an animal news on the Discovery Channel.


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What hath I wrought?

I'm surprised they didn't ask you how you managed to drink a bloody mary through your lacrosse helmet at fifth year.

Bronx Zoo? Psshht. It was totally the Beardsley Zoo. Don't let them pretend that they're classy.

Carter - This is going to be bigger than the James Frey scandal. It's true....we grew up in the fenced area with the Mexican Wolf that had the mange.

...Beware the Jabberwock my sons - the jaws that bite, the claws that catch. Beware the JubJub Bird znd shun the Frumious Bandersnatch!

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