Look Beyond the Scientific Veneer of that GMO Report

Journalist Kevin Kloor discusses the spread of disinformation about GMOs The latest, most egregious example is a report with an Orwellian title, “GMO Myths and Truths”

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He makes a plea to influential and well-respected scholars like Marion Nestle: Dont be fooled by a scientific veneer.

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Why is Nestle held up as a well respected scholar?

Is her food work not regarding GMOs less alarmist and ill-informed? I must admit I haven't looked at it overly much, but given her general drivel on GMOs I don't see why she'd garner any more respect that Seralini or Dr. Oz. Both of whom are very influential (and respected in certain circles I guess, although not to the extent that anyone with an iota of sense would call them respected) but should be figures of ridicule

Agreed do not believe pro science or anti science rhetoric.
More honesty, less backroom deals. More protection for citizen rights. Removal of so called corporate rights to citizenship and patents.