Congratulations, Its a Blog!

i-884eb5fc5ab25b1446721361549e13dd-shelley icon.JPG Welcome to the birth of a new blog, with Steve and I as the happy and glowing parents! Despite the labor pains and the fears that it wouldn't be perfectly normal, we've decided to love it anyway and do our best to raise it into a healthy, dysfucntional adult.

The idea for "Of Two Minds" began when Steve and I went out drinking in Lexington, Kentucky right after the holidays last year. I was bemoaning the amount of time I spent blogging, and Steve had just lost Sandra as a coblogger, so the merger seemed to make sense. Despite being a bit tipsy that night, the idea of a 'superblog' withstood the light of day (and of sobriety) so our talking about it turned into doing something about it. Glendon Mellow and Monsters By Mail provided the banners, we transferred our blogrolls, and began hammering out a few new posts and a lot of new ideas. I stopped blogging at Retrospectacle in February, although I have still been doing a few side projects. They included contributing to a Nature Neuroscience online journal club, an interview to Bora about my participation in the Blogging Conference in January, writing a chapter for the Darwin Awards book, and preparing for my final thesis committee meeting.

So, welcome to the new blog, and I hope to see you more around these parts!

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Welcome back, Shelley (and Pepper). And nice to meet you, too, Steve.

Looking forward to reading all that you both write in the grand new adventure that is this 'superblog'.

By Stephen D Moore (not verified) on 03 Mar 2008 #permalink

and Steve had just lost Sandra as a coblogger,

So it doesn't bother you that you're his "rebound"?

By Bayesian Bouff… (not verified) on 03 Mar 2008 #permalink


A new birth, started when a couple went out drinking and got tipsy.

Wouldn't be the first time something like this happened, I suppose. ;-)

Congratulations. One comment though, you should have used the chance to update your blogroll as well - I can see at least one that has moved (Sequitur). And I can say this only because I updated my blogroll yesterday (winkie thingie).

Anyway, your first posts are great.

Congratulations! I'm glad to see that Pepper has a prominent role. Such a beautiful picture of the feathered boy!

Heartiest congratulations on the birth of the blog - killer picture of Pepper - he looks more inquisitive than you both!

When y'all first launched this idea I have to say that I was of two minds about it (pun intended; I should've entered the contest). I"m really impressed with what have both done on your own with Retrospectacle and Omni Brain, respectively, but this merger seems like a great idea (esp with Shelley focusing on getting the dissertation hammered out).

Best wishes on your bouncing new baby blog! Hell, I may even smoke a cigar in your honor.

Hi Steve,

I'm not sure where the problem is, could be at my end but; when I use my home computer, neither blog banner shows up even if I refresh. The strange thing is, I can see the banners on Laelaps, Pharyngula, Greg Laden, Dispatches.., etc. Is it just me, or are other having this problem?

My computer at work shows them just fine. Both are using IE (please don't throw things Firfox fans).

Since you mentioned fixing bugs...

Nice new blog!

Glendon, I sympathize with you. I am stuck with IE at work, even though I seriously prefer the mozilla suite of apps for home use (they work as well either in windows or linux.)

Thanks for keeping Tangled Up in Blue in the new blogroll, Two-Minders.