Stop Animal Trafficking in Southeast Asia

Help Us Bring Attention to the Organizations, People and Ideas that Make a Difference

Zooillogix brings you bizarre animal news, research and discoveries delivered in an irreverent style representing Benny and my obnoxious sense of humor. However, the site was born from our passion for animals and conservation and one disturbing theme comes up far too often in our posts: animal trafficking, particularly in Southeast Asia. The gruesome animal markets of Thailand and Cambodia, among others, have been well covered by the media. These menageries of suffering are the starting points for illegal and exotic meats and "medicines" for China, pets for Japan and animal goods for collectors worldwide. Drawing from some of the world's richest and most threatened habitats, either the trade stops or the animals disappear.

While this sad story makes a good soundbite, we have seen little in the news about the organizations and ideas that are struggling to solve this problem. Therefore, Zooillogix will devote the third week of September (9/16-9/22) to coverage of the people, organizations and IDEAS that are on the forefront of preventing animal tracking in Southeast Asia. These will include non-profits working to educate the public or pressure governments, economic initiatives that offer locals alternatives to poaching, law enforcement methods that improve detection, or research into new solutions. Tactics for dealing with the problems of both supply and demand are encouraged.

i-83a6022d39a424ff900d3338d78702be-baby pangolin2.jpg
How could you ever stop people from eating something that looks this delicious!?

i-0181a6f8cbf8a9d37d17584e4bf6efe1-slow loris.bmp
They make wine out of lorises. Not kidding.

This is a call for suggestions for that coverage. Do you know or represent an individual, organization or company that is trying to make a difference? Are you a researcher with an untested but exciting idea? Are you a Japanese pet shop owner who has taken a stand against selling slow lorises? Please let us know at zooillogix [at]

The guidelines:

â¢Scope: This effort will focus on supply and demand for Southeast Asian animals and animal products worldwide. Coverage may include organizations or individuals with anti-trafficking initiatives worldwide but should focus on Southeast Asia
â¢What to Send: Ideally you can send a few paragraphs about the work. At a maximum, please try to keep it under two pages double spaced. At a minimum, send us an organization or individual's name along with an email and we will try to get in touch. Pictures of your work and of those involved are welcomed and will be included
â¢Due Date: Please provide us with info by Friday of next week, deadline 9/14. zooillogix [at]

Each day 9-17-9/21, Zooillogix will feature at least one new individual, organization or idea that is working to stop animal trafficking in Southeast Asia. We hope this will be a forum for raising awareness, generating new ideas, and hopefully some colorful commentary.

Note: Animal trafficking is a worldwide problem. However, we hope more substantive discussion can take place by focusing on a single region for this effort. We will certainly consider focusing on other regions in the future.

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Animal trafficking is a worldwide problem. However, we hope more substantive discussion can take place by focusing on a single region for this effort. We will certainly consider focusing on other regions in the future.