Welcome, welcome, please feel at home and look around....

So, the Big Day has finally arrived - the inauguration of the new SEED scienceblogs homepage and the addition of 24 new bloggers to the stable, including me - yeay! So, go check out the brand new front page and all the old and new bloggers there.

My new blog, a fusion of all three of my blogs, is a new brand, with a new name - A Blog Around The Clock, reflecting my age and musical taste, my usual blogging frequency and the area of my scientific expertise, all in one title.

The Banner was designed by Carel Pieter Brest Van Kempen who also runs a delightful science/art blog Rigor Vitae.

The new URL is http://scienceblogs.com/clock/, the new Atom feed is http://scienceblogs.com/clock/atom.xml and the new RSS feed is http://scienceblogs.com/clock/index.xml.

Please change your bookmarks, blogrolls and newsfeeds to reflect this move.

As I said before, Circadiana and The Magic School Bus will be closed (but not deleted), while Science And Politics will slow down and will re-focus on local North Carolina topics, including local politics (which includes following the career of John Edwards), and perhaps an occasional post for my readers from the Balkans. If you are still interested in those topics, you are welcome to retain the bookmarks, blogrolls and newsfeeds for Science And Politics as well, but I will not be insulted if you do not, as my main blogging effort will be over here, on my new SB blog.

I encourage you to go and check all 24 newbies over on the main page - all wonderful bloggers you should read if you are interested in science. Let me introduce my new fraternity-mates to you:

Carl Zimmer, the NYTimes science/evolution reporter, is moving The Loom from here to here.

Matt Nisbett, an expert on political communication and writer of a monthly column for the Skeptical Inquirer Online is moving his blog Framing-Science from here to here.

My fellow North Carolinian, medblogger Abel PharmBoy, is moving Terra Sigillata from here to here.

James Hrynyshyn, another fellow North Carolinian, is moving Island Of Doubt from here to here.

My favourite cognitive psychology blogger Chris is moving Mixing Memory from here to here.

Philosopher of biology John Wilkins is moving Evolving Thoughts from here to here.

Mike The Mad Biologist is moving from here to here.

I thought that one of my favourite science bloggers George Wilkinson has quit blogging, but no, he is also moving Keat's Telescope from here to here.

Reveres, experts on Avian Flu, are moving Effect Measure from here to here.

Karmen is moving her beautiful Chaotic Utopia from here to here.

Sandra Porter is moving Discovering Biology In A Digital World from here to here.

Nick Anthis is moving The Scientific Activist from here to here.

Joseph is moving Corpus Callosum from here to here.

Jake Young, another one of several neuroscientists joining the team, is moving Pure Pedantry from here to here.

Shelley Batts, another neuroscientist, is moving Retrospectacle from here to here.

Evil Monkey is moving Neurotopia from here to here.

Mike Dunford is moving The Questionable Authority from here to here.

Mark Chu-Carroll is moving Good Math, Bad Math from here to here.

David Ng and Benjamin Cohen are moving from Science Creative Quarterly and Annals of Science to World's Fair.

The Cheerful Oncologist is moving from here to here.

Dr.Charles is moving the eponimous Examining Room from here to here.

Dr. X is moving Chemblog from here to here.

The rowdy bonobos from Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge are moving from here to here.

Steinn, an astrophysicist, is moving Dynamics Of Cats from here to here.

Finally, Jonah Lerer is a SEED staffer, starting his own blog called The Frontal Cortex.

There were very few surprises for me on this list. Two good blogfriends of mine (Revere and Mike the Mad Biologist) managed to keep me in the dark about their move until two days ago. On the other hand, two bloggers I thought were going to accept the invitation, are not on the list (yet?). Almost all of the others I knew about well ahead of time - that is the nature of the beast: we science bloggers are a tight bunch and keep in touch behind the scenes via e-mail or even in person so no secrets can be kept from circulating around for too long.

The SEED overlords intend to add more bloggers before the end of the year so keep an eye on SEED - that is where the SciBlogging action is now and is going to be in the future.

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Looks like the move went smoothly. The new banner designed by Carel is wonderful. All the best with your new blog!

I'm joing the ranks of people who think the banner is great and very happy that you will be combining your 3 blogs into this one. Will you continue to post your lecture notes here? I have really enjoyed reading about the biology class and reading the lecture notes.

Yes, I will continue postng my lecture notes. If I do not drop dead of exhaustion I will post the next installment tonight.

Everything and every kind of topic I posted on the old blogs will continue here - no pulling the punches.

Bora, mutual congratulations and best wishes on the new blog. A lovely banner, indeed, and thanks for posting the full version for us to examine more closely.

Sorry to miss you last night but an illness has taken hold at the PharmBoy Family headquarters. Perhaps champagne or Bordeaux over the weekend?

I've changed your link at my blog and put up a note; now let's hope the rest of TLC and the world follows.

As we say in theatre, break a leg!

Thank you all.
Alon: Actually, there are more science blogs, but SEED now own almost 10% of them all!
Nick: Great to share this space with you.
Bobby: I saw that a couple of TLC people have already changed the bookmark, but the automated blogroll needs to be changed as well, or perhaps just keep Sci&Pol there, as it will keep runnning as a political blog.

Impressive lineup!

By Kristjan Wager (not verified) on 10 Jun 2006 #permalink