Happy Birthday PZ Myers

Yes, today, PZ is 50 years old!

Archy, Grrrlscientist and myself are compiling linkfests today. Just make sure that you have the word "Myers" in your post (having just "PZ" messes up with some search engines - too short).

This year, Dan Rhoades is the first out of the box with a cool tentacled cartoon.
Richard Dawkins wrote a poem.
Grrrlscientist did a scientific study.
PZ himself acknowldeges his age.
Last year, I made this cephalopod collage (click to enlarge).
Greg Laden wrote a limerick.
John Wilkins wrote lyrics for a Broadway musical.
Sean Carrol gave PZ a... well, you'll have to see for yourself.
A State Invertebrate from Afarensis
Sandra Porter's fish is surprised.
Arrun makes you search for the message written in invisible ink.
A tentacled birthday from John Lynch.
A villanelle by Jim Anderson.
A tribute from Skeptico
A cartoon from Carl Feagans
A party from Anna Tambour
And one from Toast
A Skephalopod by Phil Plait
Joseph found one much older...
And Steinn plays with numbers.
Larry Moran has known PZ longer than most of us....
Neurophilosopher is hillariouos.
Jennifer found some invasive cephalopods (and NOT a tree octopus!)
Martin appreciates the Ancient Molluscan Warlord.
A tribute from the Omni Brainiacs
A long Poe-like poem by Jason
Jennifer has a recipe.
Lee rhymes with blastula
A limerick by Zeno
A tribute by Kristjan
John Wills Lloyd has almost the same birthday.
Reed combines the birthday with the Friday Cat Blogging.
Elayne Riggs does a poem parody.
Drink a toast to PZ with Grrrl
PZ is teary-eyed about all this...
On this day....by Abel PharmBoy
Ricardo reads Pharyngula for the articles...sure....
Robin Varghese says Hi!
The crew of the Two Percent Company on Mollusks And Men...
A limerick by Skepchick
Yes, Akusai, PZ will see this later today....
A link to link to link linking to Sandwalk
Silent turnip? Jim?
Geoff learnes how to pronounce Pharyngula.
Saboma goes circular...
A recipe from Alun
Zen for Zed.
Clash of the Titans from Katherine
A postcard and a poem from the Neural Gourmet team
Socratic Gadfly wrote a birthday poem.
Alvaro goes multimedia.
A Biblical math problem by Rev.BigDumbChimp
A cuttlefish greeting from Disgruntled Chemist
A clerihew for P. Z. by Plittle
Tom Foss is liberal with the verse.
Steve Reuland wrote a limerick.
Dave shares the samew birthdate.
Odes to PZ Myers by Rob Knop
Fried squid from Shelley
Greetings from Eneman and Orac.
The blogospheric wonderings by James
Ron wrote a pseudo-haiku.
Nope, no poem from Mike Dunford
To invetebrologer from Vodyanoj
A Public Service Announcement from thauron
Joe G is pounding on the table, in rhythm and rhyme (and reason)
John Pieret is having a little problem with rhyme, though....
Original artwork on Voltage Gate
Karmen made a tentacled fractal.
A slug is on The Modulator
UMM finally makes the cut on Alex's Map That Campus.
A Parasite on Zygote Games
A cuttlefish on Laelaps
And from David Parker.
A sonnet by Janet
Ian Musgrave calculates the age differently.
Another limerick from Brent
A salute from Pamela
Tlazolteotl rhymes.
Here's one from Pat
More poetic outbursts by The Ridger
A doggerel by Susannah
Karl performed a scientific study.
Of course great graphics on Bioephemera
I don't know what Magnus said - it is in Swedish.
Paul Hutchinson links to his favourite PZ post.
A cool fossil from Christopher O'Brien
Infophile calculates God.
Squid animation by Javier


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Hey, Bora - thanks for the compilation, and for including us. But one minor note: the Two Percent Company's birthday greeting was a team effort, like all of our Rants — not just by Tom, he just sent it over.