The Millionth Comment! Just around the corner. And it could be YOU!

Guys, keep commenting! A lot. Because if you do, and you are lucky, you will be eligible for a prize: lucky reader will win an all-out science adventure -- a trip for two to New York City and exclusive science adventures only ScienceBlogs could give you access to.

The trip includes airfare, four nights in a four-star hotel, behind-the-scenes tours of top museums and labs, and dinner with your favorite ScienceBlogger.

The Grand Prize is this:

Grand Prize: 2 round-trip economy class tickets on a carrier of Seed Media Group's choice from the major airport closest to winner's home, to New York, NY. 4 nights double-occupancy lodging at a four-star hotel of Seed Media Group's choice, plus museum tickets and tours, meals and other prizes of Seed Media Group's choice. Estimated value: $10,000.

Million comments - that's a LOT!!!!

But, even if you are not a Grand Prize winner, you can still meet your local SciBlings. This post on Page 3.14 will get updated as more information comes in. But for now, there will be meet-the-readers parties in Oklahoma City, OK, Twin Cities, MN, Vancouver, Canada, Detroit, MI, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Sydney, Australia, perhaps London, U.K., NYCity, NY, etc.

The Big Party is in North Carolina, where you can meet many SciBlings, some living here, some luckily traveling here at just the right time! And it is not just me! You will also be able to meet (most likely) Sheril Kirshenbaum, James Hrynyshyn, Abel PharmBoy, ScienceWoman, Kevin Zelnio, SciCurious, Dave and Greta Munger, Russ Williams and hopefully other readers and bloggers.

As I noted earlier:

We will start in the morning, meeting at the N.C. Zoo in Asheboro and seeing the exhibit led by one of their staffers (perhaps seeing some stuff behind the scenes). Then we will spend about an hour in their new Valerie H. Schindler Wildlife Learning Center (scroll down to read more) to meet with the zoo stuff and researchers, with the members of the NC Zoo society (whose President is a wonderful blogger), the teachers and students at the Zoo School, and then proceed to a nearby watering hole for some food and drinks (yes, serving of alcohol just got legalized in Asheboro a few months ago).

I (and other NC sciblings) will post more information once we have it, but it would be nice if you could post a comment here and on other NC scienceblogs if you can/will show up so we get an idea of potential numbers.

So, RSVP and let's meet!


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Ha! Once is enough. Once you are in the pool, you have a chance. Unfortunately, because of spam and stuff, we cannot determine precisely which comment is 1,000.000th, so there will be a pool of recent commenters to choose from.

I want prize I want prize I want prizzzzzzzzzzzze. How come you guys never come further south than NC? :/ Elitists.

Hmm... The NC big party is close enough to me that I should be able to make it -- and I love zoos! I'll have to check with the fiancee to see if she's game for the adventure: I'll RSVP when I know for certain. Make sure you post the time sometime soon!

There should be SciBlings in Texas, Florida and Atlanta, GA, but I don't know if they'll organize anything. As for Virging Islands, if I could move there, there would be a SciBling party there ;-)

I'm bummed that you guys never party in Southern California.

Reader advocacy has a way of motivating even lazyasses to throw something together. or to plan for the future.

By molepatrol (not verified) on 08 Sep 2008 #permalink

Chris Mooney is in L.A. (south enough? I have no idea). You can badger him if you want.

My daughter Patty and I, plus one or more stuffed animals, will be attending. Will Professor Steve Steve perchance be there?

Excellent! The Good Professor is still with Grrrlscientist in NYC, after the trip to London, so will not arrive home in time for this, I'm afraid.

Meeting time: 1pm just inside the North America entrance.

I missed it by that much. Bummed about not being in the "lower mid-west". But I am marking my calendar for the 3rd Annual Science Blogging conference in NC. I have family in the Triangle Area.

Free Registration and Free Room. What a great deal!

how late are you going to be at the local watering hole? i have several hours of work to do tomorrow, but might be able to make it later on in the afternoon.