Scienceblogs Millionth Comment parties!

Yes, you have heard right. There will be parties around the world, wherever SciBlings are, celebrating the one millionth comment on, expected to happen some time mid-September.

You can meet Sciblings and fellow-readers at parties in Michigan, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, London and other places - watch all the blogs for announcements of the details.

As the North Carolina contingent here is the largest of them all at scienceblogs (7-8 SciBlings, depends on the exact date of the event and how one does the counting), there will be a big event here on September 20th.

We will start in the morning, meeting at the N.C. Zoo in Asheboro and seeing the exhibit led by one of their staffers (perhaps seeing some stuff behind the scenes). Then we will spend about an hour in their new Valerie H. Schindler Wildlife Learning Center (scroll down to read more) to meet with the zoo stuff and researchers, with the members of the NC Zoo society (whose President is a wonderful blogger), the teachers and students at the Zoo School, and then proceed to a nearby watering hole for some food and drinks (yes, serving of alcohol just got legalized in Asheboro a few months ago).

I (and other NC sciblings) will post more information once we have it, but it would be nice if you could post a comment here and on other NC scienceblogs if you can/will show up so we get an idea of potential numbers.

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Crap. You guys are setting the bar way too high for the rest of us. We'll be lucky if we have beer.

Well, no, we're not trusting the beer to luck. There WILL be beer.

For those who happen to be reading this from Sweden, there will be a blogmeet in Stockholm on Monday September 1st at restaurant Akkurat!

Congratulations to SciBlings on passing the mark. Missed it while on holiday. What blog is tracking San Francisco?

And I liked the random Sousa march idea...

Bora, I'd like to go, but will get back to you for sure.