Programing note: next two weeks will be exciting!

As you may already be aware I am about to embark on a trip to Europe again. I will be traveling on Sunday and arriving at Lindau, Germany on Monday for the 59th Meeting of Nobel Laureates. The list of Nobel Laureates (23 of them) and the list of about 600 young researchers from 66 countries are very impressive. Of course, not being a chemist, I'll have to do some homework before I go (I printed out the complete list of descriptions of all of them to read on the airplane), learning what these people did to get their prizes and what the younger ones are doing hoping to get a Nobel in the future.

My SciBling PZ Myers will also be there, so we will both blog about the sessions and panels and people and, well, beer. Of course, beer, it is Bavaria! Apart from the two of us, there will be a lot of blogging about the meeting on the Scienceblogs Germany site, as well as some on Page 3.14.

But I will also do some work - I will be on an Open Access panel on Tuesday.

What I hope to do is conduct brief (1-2 minutes) interviews with people using a Flash camera, and later upload the files on YouTube and embed them here on the blog. Then I would follow up with a little longer (5-10 minutes) interviews with the same people using a digital audio recorder, upload the files somewhere (probably but I'll test a few sites to see which one works the best) and embed the podcasts here on the blog. I will also be taking pictures and posting some on Flickr and Facebook and others via Twittpic to Twitter (which then goes to FriendFeed and Facebook as well). So you will be able to see them wherever you follow me online. Note the FriendFeed widget on the bottom of the left side-bar on this blog.

The Lindau meeting is from June 28th to July 3rd, after which I'll fly to Belgrade for a few days, to visit my Mom and meet some friends (especially those I missed last year). Ana, Vedran and some others are already trying to organize the bust program for me.

I will give a talk at the University Library on Tuesday, July 7th at noon, and then at the Oncology Center at the Medical School at the University of Belgrade at noon on Wednesday, July 8th. I'll be meeting my high-school friends on the 5th, and two different sets of elementary/middle school friends on the 9th and 11th of July (a bunch of expats are coming from abroad to the July 11th reunion as well). The horse-y friends will be at the Mediterranean games, so I will miss them this time around.

I am in contact with some people there who may be able to tell me more about the newly discovered mammoth fossil (I am not sure I will be able to actually go and see it, but I'll try) as well as the people who put together the new exhibit of Argentinian dinosaurs (a traveling exhibit that just moved from Germany to Belgrade last week). I am also hoping to give some interviews at local radio and/or TV. More information about the Belgrade leg of the trip will be available on Facebook.

I am likely to be online a lot nonetheless. Apart from blogging the trip and uploading interviews, I will probably also schedule (for automatic posting) ClockQuotes and some reposts of old stuff from the Archives. And I will be in touch with the PLoS HQ and will convey all the exciting news coming from there. And on the 1st of July I will announce the Blog Pick of the Month.

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