SQUAWK Random African Grey


Ok, this isn't Pepper, but it looked so close I just had to post this adorable African Grey.

Sup fools!


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Just thought I'd post this picture of me and Pepper as a sort-of Friday Grey Matters. And was afraid he might have felt a little left out lately. Sup fool!
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Hi Shelley, nice blog and nice pet you have:-)

I did not notice Pepper when looking at your pic (sure you are more attractive) but then I noticed a visitor´s comment about it.

I got interested in Greys. There are videos at Youtube:

I have many questions about these birds, but sure you do not have time to answer all. Anyway, I will leave them here so maybe some "parrotologist" reading want to reply.

*can you have a Grey in a small place?
*do they suffer if they have to stay alone (you are out to work) or if you leave them in other people´s house (you are out for a vacation)?.
*are they clean?. I mean they poo in a determined place?.
*are they noisy (neighbours would complain)?
*do you have to buy a couple?
and I stop here, thanks.

Hi Blas. thanks for the movie, it was awesome! Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Yes, you can have a Grey in a small place, but get the BIGGEST cage you can afford. Mine is 6 ft tall and 4 ft wide. This is what i would recommend. Also, I don't clip his wings, he loves flying around but make sure you have no fans or dangerous things he could fly into.
2. Greys are one-person birds unless you try VERY hard otherwise. They will not be happy if you travel a lot, although they do fine with a normal 9-5 schedule. Just make sure you spend some time w/ him and he spends about 2 hours out of the cage everyday. Greys should stay in a familar place when you are away- get a friend to come to the house to feed him. Don't leave him at the vet.
3. Greys are DUSTY birds, but don't make messes. You will have to dust more often and vacuum up little feathers. But since they are so smart they are easily trained to poop in a certain place(s). I put a piece of plastic under the cage for easier vaccuming/sweeping.
4. Greys are very quiet. They love to talk and chatter and make little sounds but never scream or screech. I even get to sleep in on weekends cause he is so quiet. I have 2 roomates, and they have never complained.
5. I just have one, and thats what i recommend. Else the two parrots will bond to each other instead of you. But I know many people have great relationships with several greys at home, so maybe thats just personal preference. Plus its like P Diddy says: more birdies = more trouble. :) One is enough for me!