Calling Creighton: 400,000 yr old DNA Found in Bear Tooth

So, according to this CNN story, some European scientists found 400,000 year old DNA in a bear tooth which was found in a cave in Northern Spain.

Apparantly, is not too uncommon to be able to extract DNA from fossils, but older than 100,000 years hasn't yet been done, until now.

He said the find "pushed back the frontier" concerning the age of DNA that scientists could work with. "It means that it will be possible to subject a large number of extinct animals to DNA analysis," he said.

And then sequence it and clone us some prehistoric bears riiiiight??? Perhaps we could have Ancient Bear Vs. Modern Bear fights and see who's REALLY more evolved. (Just kidding, PETA.)

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Oh please Rev BDC, give the creationists some credit. They will look at this evidence objectively and skeptically, and they will clearly see the truth of the matter:

Satan planted the DNA to turn our eyes from the truth.


Hmm I wonder if Satan planted the tooth or *just* the DNA? Ohhh, the holes in this discovery!!!

If Satan planted the DNA, that means god had to have planted the tooth for satan to plant the DNA. It's a conspiracy of supernatural proportions!

Hmm. If you're going to worry about PETA, why not have them fight the bear? lol Taking PETA seriously when they tell you that they really want to "help" animals, without untimately praying for the extinction of humans, is like taking Hamas seriously when they say they have a non-militant wing that is just political. The guys running the show in the background are the same lunatics that think that violence is a non-moral issue and simply a tactic to solve problems, and that even owning a goldfish, never mind your wonderful parrot, is a form of slavery.

Heck, in PETA's twisted minds, if a stray cat wandered in, you should hide under the table until it goes away, because feeding it something, or even petting it, would encourage it to stay, thus enslaving it, while throwing it out would be animal abuse and you should go to jail either way, in the world their leaders have made very clear they want. These are not sane people. And like most militaristic *cults*, the lower ranks have no clue what the nuts at the top really want, they just go around making protests, with the false belief that the end result is animal safety and rights, not the insane BS the people at the top want.

Unfortunately, if we ever passed a law to end this kind of insane nonsense, so "real" defenders of such rights could get funds, we would have to jail probably 20-30% of the priests and religious organizations in the country too. And that isn't going to happen.