The "Shit" Heard 'Round The World

Yah know, maybe if he wasn't threatening to veto science iniatitives I might have given him a pass. But, things being what they are, I just had to let out a collective HA! for the entire blogosphere, at dear old Dubya's expense.

I would be referring to his recent little "slip-up" whilst conversing with Tony Blair regarding the Middle East at the G8 Conference, when he didn't think the microphone was on.

"See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit," Bush told Blair in a discussion before the Group of Eight leaders began their lunch.


Despite the sentence just bursting with political prowess, novel ideas, and intelligence, I figure that the use of that expletive just totally shot his idea to shit (so to speak). Honestly, I think its more than a little refreshing to see Bush get down off his cross (go on, just put science up there instead, there's room) and show that there is one thing he's got in common with the common man: a dirty mouth.

Oh yeah, and there's a video tagged to the CNN story. HA!

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Yes, it is nice see this side of Bush, because it, afterall makes him look less scary (although, don't get me wrong, he is scary). Anyway, regarding Bush saying funny things, you may have fun with this piece I wrote a while back.

Also thanks for having a go at the puzzle. 1962- that's brilliant!

I dunno. It sounded more like how normal people swear in regular conversation. I mean, did people think that the president doesn't curse in private? If it was during a press conference, that's one thing, but letting 'shit' slip during an assumed private conversation just doesn't get me excited. I think the disturbing lack of intelligence shines through in the general comments made. The one saving grace is that the content of what he said is consistent with his policy. At least what we heard. Imagine what would have happened if he said something like, "I hope Israel gets the shit blown out of it." (disclaimer: I am squarely in sopport of Israel on this one.)

This video footage of the president is a classic example of how boorish and dimwitted a leader he really is on a number of levels. Watch the video. Not only is he chewing food with his mouth open (admittedly a 'Miss Manners'-esque pet peeve of mine) but he completely cuts Tony Blair off, interrupts an important world leader in mid-sentence. And what does he have to say? shit or no shit, his comment makes no logical or political sense at all, implying that several thousand years of arab-jewish tension and hatred could be settled down by Syria simply asking one of the dozens of terrorist organizations in the region to take it easy. Thanks George, for everything...

I dunno. It sounded more like how normal people swear in regular conversation. I mean, did people think that the president doesn't curse in private?

I would find this humanizing and "normal" if it were bill clinton or any other president, but when it's a jackass who prides himself on being an ignorant, armageddon-loving religious nut that is desperate to legislate his subjective morality............I find it hypocritical. I find it a big deal when this asshole gets FCC fines raised over "offensive material," but has no such reservations about using offensive material in his off camera life.

He chooses to bring his ignorance and morality into public view, and because of that people should know he's not as moral as he prides himself on.

The problem is not a curse but that America is supporting another genocide.

Good to see people (some) in US is not with him.

Believe me, Blas, what America wants/believes is not well represented by the actions, words, and thoughts (if there are any) of Bush.

Shelly, if USA is a democracy, then your president represents the people.

From the outside it does not show american are against Bush:

*Bush was reelected
*there are no massive demonstrations against him or any impeachment.

That said, I know many times the politicians do not represent people, but there must be "some" support. sad to say and it applies to all places, people have more or less responsibility but we are all in some degree involved.

I also want to say that I admire americans that protest against war and social liberties "cuts" (a country that illuminated the world with liberty principles now is spreading shadow), they are very courageous because many end up in jail or with charges.

I am also ashamed of myself for not being demonstrating (there is no organization for that for now) against the massacre of Lebanon.

It surprises me how we tolerate genocide. I remember that Bertolt Brecht poem...