African Grey Parrot Apparel for a Good Cause

Ok, hold the phone everyone!!!!!!! A volunteer from Irene Pepperberg's lab has informed me that parrot-related merchandise is available for purchase, to help support her lab and research on grey parrots. I am totally going to buy every one of these items, er, once I get my stipend check, that is. Buy some too, and help support parrot research! Also, Alex recently turned 30. Happy Hatch-Day Alex!

If parrots could wear t-shirts, this is the one they'd pick. Feathers are much more awesome though.

Parrot pens! Alex eyes it suspiciously. I think 2 seconds after this photo was taken he either cracked it in half or wrote the great American novel. Maybe both.

I think Alex put a little sumthing-sumthing in his coffee mug. Why aren't there any parrot-themed flasks?

Wish you could take a bit of Alex with you, all the time? Now you can with these sweet feather earrings. Not quite serotonin earrings, but the backstory behind these is just as gloriously nerdy.

You can buy the things listed here, and more, here.

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Well, just heard that the necropsy of Alex was performed and that no discernible cause of death could be found. This is puzzling and sad, since it would have been better to have some sense of closure, but I suppose we may never know what killed Alex. I was also sent the official obituary of Alex…
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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


As a fellow African Grey owner (mine is a Timneh), I'm delighted to support The Alex Foundation. They really are such extraordinary birds, and deserve more scientific study. Do you ever take your Congo into the lab? I'm afraid my grey is hopelessly spoiled by my life as a freelance writer. She's used to sitting on my knee all day and watching me type...

Well I've found my Xmas cards for this year...

Hey, thanks! I appreciate the post (as I am sure do Alex and Co.) muchly.
Since I'm making the shirts (hand silkscreen), I'll totally send you a free one, if you want, for helping promote them. What size?

Is it me, or is this blog going to the birds, er parrots?

Lighten up Bob! :) I've been posting about non-science as I just finished a behemoth of a grant and am a little scienced-out. But just for you I'm going to post about what our lab does tomorrow. So no more complaining!

Zusty, THANKS! I will email you about this.

Hi there, i would like to help out promoting support for the AG. I will link this post in a newsletter i post on psychology and its study. The students are encouraged to take an ecological approach to psychology and learning - birding is an excellent way to use theories and models.

I'm confident there are other students out there who will support your cause. Good luck,


Wonderful Chayne! Please include my Friday Grey Matters series, where I report on AG research in an accessible way (every Friday!).

And sadly, I do't ever get to bring Pepper to lab. I don't think my labmates would approve, and I think he'd be kinda scared. But he does love to go for car rides, even if its to the vet. He loves being poked and prodded and made a fuss over. He talks and shows off for the nurses like a great big flirt. :)