Something Wicked This Way Comes to U of Michigan

This news is of ill portent to UM, and right before the big Ohio State game?? Bo Schembechler, a former head coach here, is a legend to UM football. He used to be a OSU assistant coach, and dying today just seems like a really bad sign. I mean, if you believed in that kinda thing.

Michigan coaching legend Bo Schembechler has died after collapsing Friday morning, Detroit-area television station WXYZ reported. He was 77.

Schembechler collapsed at WXYZ's studios in Southfield as he prepared to tape the "Big Ten Ticket" show and was taken to Providence Hospital, the ABC affiliate said.

What did WXYZ do to him?


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Bad sign? Ha! The Michigan players will all be wearing black armbands or something on Saturday, and they'll run onto the field behind a 'Win One for Bo!' banner. Or something.


By Scott Simmons (not verified) on 17 Nov 2006 #permalink

That's sad. I remember watching the Wolverines under Bo when I was a kid--some great football games. I've been in Ohio for a week now and all that's talked about is the OSU / UM game. The Plain Dealer did a 28 page pull-out section today (28 pages!).

As a Big 12 guy, I don't have a horse in this race, but I'll certainly be watching. It'll be a grwat game.

Scott Simmons is right. Drop your dough on Big Blue.

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 17 Nov 2006 #permalink

They came up a little short, but they certainly made a game of it. As I recall, back in the days of Bo and Woody, the scores were more like 7-3.

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 18 Nov 2006 #permalink

Well, there is still hope for you Michiganders. Get your charts ready, this is gonna be one Pete Axthelm would have loved.

Let's say Arkansas beats Florida in the SEC Title game, and Notre Dame beats USC. Then you can make the argument that it should be Michigan in the final against Ohio State because:

Michigan beat Notre Dame
Notre Dame beat USC
USC beat Arkansas
Arkansas beat Florida.

There you have it.