Of Pinker and Pandas............

How did I ever miss Steven Pinker getting wasted with Dr. Steve Steve?

i-8fe4752ce411b8be3060f9bac24aec82-pinker steve steve.jpg

C'mon people, you're suppost to tell me about these things!

Should I include a question for him regarding his favorite brew? I KNOW I'm going to have to ask him about his membership in the esteemed Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club For Scientists. Cause I think I might want in too.

"Luxuriant hair is always pleasing, possibly because it shows not only current health but a record of health in the years before."
Steven Pinker, LFHCfS

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Just came back home from a very pleasant dinner with Matt Nisbet. What luck that our trips to San Francisco coincided so well! Oh, and of course, Profesor Steve Steve was there as well...
Professor Steve Steve (see more of his pictures) is now over his jet lag and decided to go to work with me today. Here he is meeting with Liz Allen, the PLoS Director of Marketing and Business Development:

Prof. Steve Steve is a Red Sox fan?

This is crushing.

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 21 Nov 2006 #permalink