Blast From the Past: Speak & Spell

i-eec3cdec178644d5aa6e279d57a2f9a5-180px-TI_SpeakSpell.jpg Remember those old Speak & Spells in the 80s, the ones made by Texas Instruments? Well, that and Simon were probably my favorite games as a kid (oh, and Rubix cube). There's actually a cool Speak & Spell emulater on the web that I came across, check it out and enjoy the 'say it' feature. Wasn't there also a Math version? What perfectly lovely toys for burgeoning nerdlets.

(Hat tip, Kyle)


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For nerdlets with soldering irons, an actual speak and spell is a good basis for circuit bending: re-tasking cheap electronics to make experimental musical instruments.

or just google "circuit bending" to get some ideas

Wasn't there also a Math version?
Ah yes, the Speak & Math. Many an hour I spent laying in bed playing number stumper.

Bah, somebody beat me to a circuit bending comment. :P

You kids today have it so easy! I had to count on my fingers! And I was GLAD to do it!

By Grumpy Old Man (not verified) on 16 Feb 2007 #permalink

Dane Cook's bit on the Speak & Spell is classic!

"ABCDEFG, I will kill your family!"