Promenade 'Round the Cochlea

A great learning tool online is Promenade 'Round the Cochlea, which is in both French and English. I've just been swamped during the conference, but my presentation went great yesterday and I got lots of feedback to keep me busy with experiments forever and ever Ramen. Anyway, check out the app, as it does a great job of explaining some aspects of inner ear biology with pictures. Also, Happy Valentines!

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Great post of a valuable learning tool!

I noticed at 'other sites' a reference to
Hearing and Balance: textbook University of Wisconsin

A mouse click goes to VI. THE INNER EAR: THE COCHLEA.
Clicking [next] at the bottom of this page goes to VII. THE INNER EAR: THE VESTIBULAR APPARATUS.

I still suspect something important about this intimate relationship between hearing and balance / orientation.