Knit Me A Brain (and Don't Forget the Corpus Callosum Zipper)

While not as shockingly unusual as the knitted teratoma I reported on a while back, this knitted brain (located at the awesomely-titled 'Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art') is equally amazing. Regions are knitted with varying colors, and the corpus callosum is a zipper!

Here's a view of the brain from above, and "opened-up" (the hemispeheres seperated with yarn spinal cord trailing.)

i-191d1c5e5a84f17cb50c83ff38ecbbb6-knitted brain.jpg
Artist: Karen Norberg, Location: Boston Museum of Science

"Building a brain with yarn and knitting needles turns out to follow many of the same pathways as actual brain development," says Norberg.

Here's a side view:

i-5199a9a7e895ac2606fec40261e82962-knitted brain 2.bmp

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how wonderful art is.

This is impressive.

(Although, sad to say, I've met a few people who seem to be equipped with them...)

I could while away a minute
And every second in it
In pleasure, not in pain...
Whether wool, flax, or cotton,
I would know it wasn't rotten
If I only had a brain.

I'd be happy--even chipper--
To know I've got a zipper
Where some are cleft in twain.
I'd be glad--that's what I'm saying--
If through knitting or crocheting
I could only have a brain

Oh, I... could tell you why...
A fella's brain feels full
I could tell you it is cotton or it's wool
Oh, but the truth? You know it's bull!

I could stay here, just a-sittin'
Pretending I was knittin'
But what would I attain?
As a cuttlefish, I'd rather
Just disguise myself in blather
And pretend I have a brain...

I was thinking about my life and how I always seem to have more to do than I have time to actually get done. It just boggles the mind to think there are people out there with enough free time to knit a brain..KNIT A BRAIN!!!

Then I realized if i wasn't killing time posting meaningless comments to SciBlogs I might have time to get more done. OK, bye, I am going to go be useful now.

Wonderful cuttlefish! I did have a soft spot for the teratoma. Even tumors can have personality. :)