SciBlings at ScienceOnline2010

A record number of SciBlings will be in attendance at ScienceOnline2010 - 26! Who will be there?

Erin Johnson, Janet Stemwedel, Christina Pikas, Rebecca Skloot, Dorothea Salo, Anne Jefferson, Suzanne Franks, SciCurious, Sandra Porter, Dr.Isis, Katie Thompson, Greta Munger, Dave Munger, Abel PharmBoy, Blake Stacey, Pal MD, Ed Yong, John Dupuis, Brian Switek, Chris Rowan, James Hrynyshyn, David Dobbs, Eric Michael Johnson, Greg Laden, PZ Myers and me.

So, if you are a fan or a groupie of one of us or all of us, and are in the Triangle area of NC this weekend, and would like to come by and say Hi, either contact your favourite blogger directly, or come to one of the evening events that are open to non-registered public.

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