ScienceOnline'09 - a more complete list of registered SciBlings


Since I last posted the list of SciBlings registered for the conference, it got bigger.

Dave and Greta Munger have signed up.

PZ Myers has registered.

Chris Rowan says he's coming.

The newest SciBling John Wilbanks has registered.

Brian Switek will be there.

Grrrrl will be there.

Both SciCurious and Evil Monkey as well.

And Greg Laden.

And Janet, of course.

And Zuska and Tara.

James for sure.

And yes, Abel and Sheril and Dr.Pal.

Both Sciencewoman and Alice said they're coming.

Mo will do his best to come across the pond.

[insert update:] And just under the wire, Blake Stacey just registered.

And in the sense that 'once a SciBling always a Scibling', the Deep Sea News guys, Craig McClain and Kevin Zelnio will also be there.

And I expect that some Overlords may show up....

And many of them will be involved in moderating various sessions - just check the Program.

And there may be some more - they just need to check their calendars and finances and register - so watch the growing registration list. And register yourself.


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Well, I registered. There's a chance my financial situation will force me to back out between now and then, but I'll try to prevent that.