Are you a homebody?

Last week, the ScienceBloggers wrote about a new study in Nature in which scientists tracked the cellphone habits of 100,000 Europeans and found that people rarely strayed from familiar locations—their homes and workplaces.

It made me wonder....Are our readers homebodies, too?

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I live in Houston. I can travel 50 miles away from home and not even leave the metropolitan area. The actual city boundaries are more than 30 miles across at their widest point. Does this really apply to me?

By speedwell (not verified) on 09 Jun 2008 #permalink

Speedwell, I have the opposite situation. When you live in Hawaii you pretty much have to take a plane to travel more than 50 miles from your home.

Last year the total was 8 (not counting multiple stops on longer trips), so I opted for "once a month," but really for me the answer is "I travel a lot in the summer and around Christmas, and not much the rest of the year."

This poll is missing a couple of important categories:

[1] would love to travel, but circumstances at home don't allow for it.

[2] would love to spend more time at home, but have to travel on business.

I've been in both situations, and millions of other people have been in one or both.

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 10 Jun 2008 #permalink

I spend most of my time close to home but travel to certain destinations 30 miles away or more to visit friends, restaurants, and other attractions. If time, money, and opportunity allowed, I would be road-tripping every other week! Nothing I love better than a road trip between 100 and 300 miles from home, for a weekend or longer.