How Does the Olympic Torch Get Up Mt. Everest?

i-884eb5fc5ab25b1446721361549e13dd-shelley icon.JPG The Beijing Olympics are not too far away, and an iconic part of the preparation for the 'Games' is the passing of the Olympic torch. As part of the official torch relay, the flame will be taken up Mt. Everest--it will be carried up the southern side of Everest in Nepal and back down the north side into Tibet.

"The torch will be designed in order to burn at such a high altitude," said Beijing Olympics official Liu Jingmin.

However, how can the torch be carried up a mountain, and in a low-oxygen environment no less? This question bugged me and my friends, until fellow UM Neuroscience student Tim came up with the below schematic to describe how the Olympic torch might be carried up the mountain.

i-f16c911050e28587c370f8aff0d2f793-torch small.bmp

Thanks to Tim!

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