Um, big news!

So, remember that little summary I gave you a few weeks ago? You know, the one where I sort of laid out my blog history, etc.? Well, I have to amend that. You see, as I was writing, I realized how much I missed my White Coat Underground. It's silly really, because it's just a name, a label, but it's my label, and I just love the darned thing. When I started up the PalCast, I used the WCU name, and it's just all sort of been falling into place---as I expand my web activities, I want my own space to stretch out and be at home.


While my own writing is the reason I'm a successful blogger, the Hoofnagles at denialism blog are the reason I made it here to ScienceBlogs and got the additional exposure that has allowed me to thrive. I'm deeply, humbly thankful for all they've done for me. But in what is perhaps a fit of narcissism and misanthropy, I decided to make a change. You see, as I was pining away for my old blog, the Overlords here at ScienceBlogs gave me a couple of nice opportunities. I produced my PalCast, but the server I was using couldn't handle the traffic. Seed offered to host it. And while I was putting all this together, the also offered to let me have my old blog, hosted here at Sb. And while I regret leaving my buddies at denialism, I just couldn't say no.

So, as I head toward my second blogiversary, I'm driving my nice old blog, and while my traffic may take a big hit, it's all mine---it will succeed or fail on my abilities.

I like that.

(By the way, the PalCast will be updated as soon as I finish getting the new blog up and running properly. Sorry for the delay.)

(BTW, again: I really, really need a banner, and I'm not a photoshop kinda guy.)

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Any chance you'll get back into the Morgellons debate like you used to? Some of the comments you got on those posts were epic.

Wow - your own house! Lawn. White picket fence! Man, you sure made it!

Wow - your own house! Lawn. White picket fence! Man, you sure made it!


I mostly lurk, little to add, except your posts are so valuable. My bet is you'll continue to succeed.

Thank you for writing what you write.

Cool, I've always enjoyed your writing, and I love the name "White Coat Underground."

For some reason it really makes me want to do a bad version of the humpty dance.


Orac sent me. Congrats on getting your own little corner of Scienceblogs.

Congratulations! You've been assimilated! =^..^=

By The Mad LOLSci… (not verified) on 14 Jan 2009 #permalink

Congrats PalMD. Loved you writing at denialism and I bookmarking you new page. Best of luck on your own. Somehow I do not believe you will really need it.

Good grief, I wondered where you had wandered off to. Excellent, another new link to keep track of....

Yay! Love your stuff, PAL, you're officially bookmarked. Congratulations on your new digs.

@ Nat:

For some reason it really makes me want to do a bad version of the humpty dance.

Is there a good version of the humpty dance?