Taco Bell's New Green Menu Takes No Ingredients From Nature

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In this ONN report, we learn that Taco Bell has a new menu: it boasts zero environmental impact because they will rely solely on synthetic, lab-produced ingredients. [2:21]

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Um...exactly how is that "no environmental impact"? Everything's got to be produced somehow, and thier "impactless" uh..."food" could well have a greater impact simply by virtue of being synthetic. There's all the equipment needed, for one thing. Somewhere to uh...produce it. Growth media, flavor um...creators, extensive testing for safety, maintenance of facilities, transpo to and from...

And I'm sure there are a half a million fiddly little things I'm missing.

So unless these guys are alchemists, and can transmute whatever else it is that they're pulling out of their asses, this is not a "zero-impact" situation. Well, it wouldn't be even then, you'd somehow have to support the bullshit farms...

The bullshit farms are actually quite low impact. They're powered with the infra-red radiation from people blushing when they realise the YouTube clip they've just criticised is satire.

The Onion news network is fake you idiots. It's satire.

Interpretation fail from 'Kate'.