Nerdtastic T-Shirts: Vote For Pluto?


Save Pluto

i-b7a2c794db6c126b2fae0899aabacf04-pluto bumper.jpg


How about:
"Pluto is For Lovers"
"Pluto: Voted Off the Solar System"
"I'd Rather Be an Asteroid Anyway. No, Really!"
"Sorry, We Just Had to Make it A Nice Even Number of Planets."
"One Word: Planet"

Off Topic: Everyone go see Beerfest! I saw it this weekend and it was AWESOME!

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Pluto is the ninth planet in our solar system. In our planetary mythology, it is the ninth planet, it is small, far away, cold, and there is an important cartoon dog named after it. But astronomers decided a while ago that Pluto is not a planet. That throws everything out of balance. Nine…
So... the ad hoc sub-subcommittee of the standing subcommittee for the Naming of Names has reported out: the Federation of People Who Believe No Really Important Discoveries are Made West of the Mississippi are reeling in defeat, while the Alliance of the Crusade for Consistency is handed a token…
For such a small planet (or non-planet now), Pluto sure has been making waves the last couple of weeks. I haven't really weighed in and instead deferred to the experts. I'm not going to really say much now either, but, hell, I'll admit it. I'm going to miss Pluto. A lot. Losing Pluto shakes…
If you go to the ScienceBlogs front page you will see that The Buzz word of the day is Pluto. And when there is a new Buzz Word, a lot of us tend to post about it - see how many already chimed in on the topic. I am actually quite happy to see the revisions of the definition of a planet. The old 9…

I like the "Independent Planet" bumper sticker.

By somnilista, FCD (not verified) on 28 Aug 2006 #permalink