And For the Record........

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

OK. I guess I am not as nerdy as you but, not bad either. (Scored a 94 - maybe it was the Mac thing)

I still think you are cute though. Cute and nerdy, that is a combo I can get into. :)

Obviously the test is flawed, when a guy who has his own digital effects website is less nerdy than i.

Hah! A draw! I too am 99%!

...which I've just demonstrated by attempting to determine the statistical significance thereof :-/

By Corkscrew (not verified) on 06 Sep 2006 #permalink

Obviously the test is flawed, when a guy who has his own digital effects website is less nerdy than i.

Yup! And guess where I am most Friday and Saturday nights? (Hint: not at a club or bar.)

Only 94, you win.

Only 89... I'm hopeless. But I'm going to pick up subscriptions for math magazines and take more advanced math classes, eventually.

Bah, 98%. Probably a bug. I said KING NERD, thank you. My last name is King, so by definition if I am a nerd, I must be a King nerd. There. I win.

Oh my.

I only scored a 56. I'm sure I'm nerdier than that though, there were plenty of nerdy things they didn't include. But the entire time I was going through that test i was like, "c'mon, NOBODY is that nerdy."

Then I remembered that shelley is :)

Well, you guys need a non nerd to keep you balanced anyways. I will teach you all in the ways of being the life of a cocktail party!

Hmm. Only 93%... Guess I need to brush up on some my nerdiness. lol

Wow, I've been outnerded. I only got a 96. I didn't think that there were all that many people nerdier than me. I guess I was wrong. I stand in awe of all of you who had a higher nerd score than me. You folks really are nerdy!

Hey, I may not have scored a 99 as Shelley has but, I can prove I am a nerd. Well, look at my Website first. If that doesn't convince anyone, check out what kind of music I listen to. This clip is the ultimate in nerd music - and I love it!

Shelley: How did your Parrot score?

And what does he/she think of your newfound fame?

you are a real-life Penny! Sad about China. Worry about that tragic land alot!