ScienceBlogger Meetup Report, For Realsies

So the idea was hatched a few months back in our seeeeeeecret SciBlogger back channel, that we really all wanted a vacation and to hang out for hours together in person instead of in the forums. This nebulous idea rapidly crystallized into a time and a place, with a loose schedule draped around long periods of "free time" (aka "bar time"). The place was Union Square in New York City, and we were going to do a few things: have a tour of the SEED offices, a bash at SEED overlord Adam Bly's posh pad, and a Saturday morning brunch which would be a filmed round-table discussion about science and culture (strangely enough).

RPM (evolgen) and Steve (Omnibrain) hatched a grand scheme, well actually it was a pretty simple scheme, to drive from Illinois to Ann Arbor, Michigan to pick me up, drive to Pennsylvania to pick up RPM and then drive into Manhattan and find street parking. Yeah, its a LONG way. But luckily I'm easily entertained and we were packing Red Bulls. Other than traffic, all went well. We even found street parking near the hotel and made it to Adam's party only fashionably late. There I was wined and dined in a fashion which I doubt I shall ever become accustomed, and got to meet many of my fellow SciBlings. Later that night we headed to a karaoke bar (red light, RED light!!) called Planet Rose, where we all proceeded to get progressively more sober.

Just kidding! We pounded shots like nobody's business and warbled our nerdy hearts out. Me and Razib did a particularly touching rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey, which was described quite aptly by PZ:

but Razib stole the show with a flawless, pitch perfect impersonation of a goat on psilocybin being anally violated by an angry Wookie. Purportedly, it was a duet with Shelley, but she seemed to be singing something completely different, with melody, meter, and a single common pitch, and was drowned out by the syncopated howling.

Yeah, a good time was had by all (who weren't sober).

The next day we trucked over to a cool hotel called the European Union where SEED's media folks had set up cameras to film us talking about some sciencey stuff. It was hilarious since right before the filming commenced, there were more than a few dirty jokes being made and I'm pretty sure Rob blurted out something about Gorean relationships, and I tried to pick my nose really blatantly. Good footage lost, I tell you. But actually the conversation was teh cool and hopefully generated some useful footage for SEED or at least a good laugh and something to think about during blog sweeps week next year. :)

That afternoon was spent wandering around the Village and the NYU area, Washington Park, and just conversing with these people who I all felt like I knew. We hit a few more bars, met up for dinner, and stayed up all night being juvenile. It felt like a big sleepover that had only barely progressed past the 'truth or dare' and 'spin the bottle' phase, but not TOO far, really. Heh. Anyway, after that was just sleepin' in as late as possible and then the long drive back to Pennsylvania/Michigan/Illinois. Totally fun people all around, made me feel so so lucky to be a part of ScienceBlogs and SEED.

I unfortunately don't have a digital camera anymore, so I had to rely on my co-bloggers to do all the work snapping photo. Below the fold are some pictures I stole from Mo and liked. For more pictures, check out these posts for pictures, if you dare:
Mike Dunford at Questionable Authority here and here
PZ Myers at Pharyngula here
Bora at Blog Around teh Clock has a few, but here's a main one
Mo from Neurophilosophy here
And Rob at Galactic Interactions posted some hilarious LOLScienceBloggers here

i-f0578a17ce7043307f6890042dea5a25-meetup group pic.jpg

This wasn't everyone, but nearly.

i-228a36088b22d51d94a8b2498003f6f6-meetup becks hits new york.jpg

Kevin Beck's arrival in New York was a huge to-do.

i-40fc4d39fcb8df4ad93337f6fc3bd83b-meetup picture me.jpg

Me at brunch, pre-filming, mid-mimosa.


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Cool - looks like you had a great time! We had an ATBC meet-up at the Darwin Exhibit in Chi, so I know it is teh cool meeting internet friends in person.

BTW - If you are not in China by 2009, keep some schedule time open to meet up for Lucy visiting the Field Museum. Of course by then you will be the Eminent Dr. Batts, so they will proabably bring Lucy round to meet you in person...

Well some cultures believe that the photographer actually stole my soul during the taking of the picture, so in light of that I call it even. :)