SciBlings at the Conference

There is something about being on that is different - and bigger - than just being a science blogger on a prominent platform. Something that others are still trying to figure out and emulate. And that is the friendship that we have all developed between us. We are like a big family - we call each other SciBlings, after all. Whenever we travel, we try to meet. Although we are spread all around the USA, as well as Canada, Australia, the U.K., and Sweden, we have been quite successful at meeting each other in Real Life.

The Science Blogging Conference was a great excuse for meeting each other - and there were 20 of us there. This makes this meeting the Vice-Champion of SciBling gatherings, only bested by last August's Big SciBling Meetup in New Tork City, which boasted 35 sciencebloggers. And we'll keep doing it. Here are the SciBlings who made it to North Carolina this past weekend:

Martin Rundkvist
Janet Stemwedel
Tara Smith
Dave Munger
Peter Etnoyer
Kevin Zelnio
Sheril Kirshenbaum
Chris Mooney
James Hrynyshyn
Brian Switek
Evil Monkey
Sciencewoman (and Minnow)
Virginia Hughes
Shelley Batts
Karen Ventii
Jennifer Jacquet
Abel PharmBoy
Josh Rosenau
Suzanne Franks
...and me.

Go here to see our group shot!


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Darn, you are right. And it's not that I forgot (except at the time of writing this post), as I thought about this very fact last night in another context!

I do envy the relationship the SciBlings have. It makes blogging, a solitary activity by design, seem less isolating and much warmer. I hope that Nature Network Blogs can emulate the SciBling sense of community, even if to a small degree.