Patrick Stewart Sighting in Ann Arbor!!!

This morning I received a one-in-a-million phone call from a friend:

"Shelley, you're going to hate me if you don't get this. Your one and only love of your life is at Angelo's right now."

Now, Angelo's is a little cafe across the street from my lab. But, could it be? Could my one true love REALLY be there?

As I walked past Angelo's and looked into the window, my young heart skipped a beat. Imposing profile.......well-shined head.....booming Shakespearean voice???? It was him! Jean-Luc Picard!

i-3ef7cc6f45f51af3a953090d00ff0450-picard 3.bmp
Well, actually, Patrick Stewart. Ever since I was a kid I made no bones about the enormous crush I've had on Mr. Stewart, and to have him in my town only feet away from me was almost more than I could bear! So, what did I do? Well I was way too shy to go in and bother him during his lunch so I just skulked around outside by the window, catching furtive looks at his gleaming noggin when I could.

All that separated us was a bit of glass, and yet, so much more. ::sigh:: Make it so.

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Cool! But did you at least ask him to vote for you?!

Doh! You march right back there young lady, and approach that gleaming noggin. Don't think of him as Captain Picard, think of him as King Richard in Robin Hood - Men In Tights.

Oh you should have gone in there and met him. I'm sure he's used to that sort of thing. And who knows, maybe he reads the scienceblogs!

Oh man, Aerik! Hopefully I'm not THAT pathetic. Eh, I just figured he's a guy that deserves to enjoy his lunch just like everyone else, with no annoying interruptions. Sure, he might have been good-natured about it, but I just didn't want to impose that upon him.

hehe. You can't sink any lower than a fan club like that. With that animation and their "letters from the internet" trilogy, I really appreciate the ability to be skeptical about the apparent tone of people's comments online. They also did a fine job with the character representations based on screen names. "Retard in a Lobster Bib" was pretty obvious lol.

By Aerik Knapp-Loomis (not verified) on 01 Nov 2006 #permalink

Top #1 reason why Picard is better than Kirk :

Picard is bald!

(Well, at least, Picard is openly bald.)

Why, but there's many a man hath more hair than wit. -- Antipholus of Syracuse, Comedy of Errors

You should have plenty of chances to catch him away from lunch- he'll be in Ann Arbor through the end of November, with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Best of luck!

Hey Shelly, You should have told him you were a scientist studying hair follicle regeneration. (Skip the part about where.) You might have gotten an audience! I'm a big PS fan too and I'm making a trip to Ann Arbor from Oregon just to see the great one on stage. Now I know where I'm going to have lunch!

By Alice Duffy (not verified) on 01 Nov 2006 #permalink

A 3rd year Neuroscience Phd candidate and you didn't take advantage of an opportunity to meet Professor X? Shame on you.

Picard IS better than Kirk, even though Shatner is a Canadian:)

By CanuckRob (not verified) on 01 Nov 2006 #permalink


Wow! You got to meet Sejanus.

I know this may sound shallow, but as a big fan with a passing resemblanse (above the ears and eyebrows) to the British actor, this post broke the impasse and I've decided to vote for you.