And the Winner is......

As you all know by now, Steve and I are merging blogs (starting March 1) and asked all of your to come up with some most excellent ideas for names.

Well, after much gnashing of teeth we finally settled on "Of Two Minds" as our final answer. A close second was "Viva Las Vagus" but as PZ correctly pointed out, it sounded like we thought of it while inebriated, and Greg Laden mentioned that it reminded him of those creepy Viagra commercials (Viva Viagraaaaa!). Anyway, hope you all like the new name as much as we do.

The winner is 'speedwell' and s/he will be contacted shortly for their address best suited for showering a multitude of sciencey awesomeness on. There will be loads of Scienceblogs stickers, great books (some not even available to the public yet!), a SEED subscription, and much more.


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Sweet. Thank you both very much! I had a ton of fun. Didn't we all? ;)

I sent you an e-mail to your umich address, if that's all right.

By Speedwell (not verified) on 05 Feb 2008 #permalink

Yes, I just sent you an email back. Congratulations and thanks for picking a great name for us. ^_^

An excellent, scholarly name - congratulations, speedwell, and to Shelley and Steve. Looking forward to seeing the new blog!

Good choice on the name, but I hope no one else joins your blog!

Although, I might even like Of Three Minds a little better...

That is a great name. Alas I am disappointed at not having won. >sniff<
Hey Speedwell, do you have any extra subscriptions to Seed Magazine?... just kidding.

Yeah, it's nice and simple. Good work speedwell!

Bad puns = inebriation? Weirdness, yes, but not inebriation. I rarely drink anything alcoholic. And I don't watch TV, so I have no clue about the Viagra commercials.

Anyway, I'm glad my bad pun was a close second (until PZ and Greg Laden beeyatched, anyway). Best of luck with the new blog, and I look forward to reading your posts!

Awesome, Glendon. I'll email you today and we can get started whenever you have some time. :)

Barn owl, I have to admit that I liked your name best but Steve, PZ, and Greg ganged up on me and convinced me to go the other way. I was lobbying for 'Viva' though! It was a good idea either way.